NACL or Sodium chloride, which you may know better as table salt, is used as a thickener in shampoos and conditioners containing sodium lauryl sulfate. “Sodium Chloride may also be the cause of dry and itchy scalp in addition to hair loss,” says Dr. Dorin. Also, if you do keratin treatments, avoid sodium chloride.

You will be able to enjoy your keratin treatment longer because of this. Since it doesn’t contain salt and sulfate, it will not strip away the keratin bonded to your hair. It soothes the scalp as well. It prevents your scalp from taking in all those harmful chemicals.

NACL is actually considered an irritant, and slightly hazardous. As one of the top ingredients in many shampoos, sodium chloride can affect the color of your hair and dehydrate the strands. Sulfates can potentially strip a layer of your hair, and the natural protective barrier of your hair will be damaged.