The bad alcohols (SD Alcohol 40, Propyl Alcohol) remove or reduce moisture from the hair and scalp, and can strip skin and strands. After using a product with bad alcohol, hair may feel brittle, become dehydrated and dry as well as may start to thin or break. Although rubbing alcohol can help to kill lice, it can also cause chemical burns on the scalp.

Alcohol and its chemical derivatives can be found in such a wide variety of skin, hair, and cosmetic products, that it’s easy for our systems to become overloaded with harmful chemicals.

Putting alcohol in your hair is a very different story though. The best thing we can do to avoid these harmful chemical solutions and unnatural alcohols is to be mindful of the ingredients in the products we buy. You can also simply stay away from the ones that you don’t feel are safe to use on a regular basis.

Alcohol, the study states, has antimicrobial effects because it denatures protein. It’s also the most rapid bactericidal and fungicidal ingredient in hand disinfection.