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Avocado – THE Superfood for Hair & Scalp with Phytonutrients

Technically a Fruit, Extremely Moisturising & Nourishing, as they contain Natural Oils, & Both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (good fats) . Rich in Vitamins (B5, B6, Folate, C, K , E, A, D etc..) , Biotin, Minerals, Potassium, Magnesium, Alpha / Beta Carotenes, gives Hair Softness and Shiny Appearance

Coconut Oil Naturally Derived Creamy Bio Degradable Foam

Multifunctional Natural Triglyceride Phospholipid gives attributes of Gentle & Extra Mild Cleaning & Foaming, Anti-Irritation, antimicrobial and Deposits Essential Fatty Acids on Skin . Natural Sunscreen for Hair.

Bhringraj – King of Herbs or Keshraj or WonderHERB

Contains Vitamin D, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron etc..Promotes Hair Growth, Prevents Baldness, Prevents Dandruff, Prevents HairLoss, Slows Premature Greying, Has AntiMicrobial, Anti Inflammatory, Anti fungal Properties, Improves Blood Circulation to Scalp, Increases number of Hair Follicles, Adds Shine to Hair

Hydrolyzed Multi Proteins (Polypeptide) is the most suitable component to supply proteins to Hair which are lost from hair damage because Hair has its origin in protein that is the same as hair.

3 Essential Oils Inside & No Artificial Fragrance

Benefits of Using this Daily Hair Cleanser

  • Extra Mild, Extra Gentle, Fit for Daily Cleansing and Fit for All Hair Types

  • Fit for Baby to Elder People…Fit for All Genders & All Age Groups

  • Prevents Dry Scalp, Dry Skin, Flakiness, Itchiness, Stinging is Reduced

  • Excellent Hair Repairing, Reversal of Hair Loss, Excellent Cleansing, Boost Hair Growth

  • Rosemary Essential Oil Helps to Improve Brain Function, Eases Stress, Improves Blood Circulation, Kills Bacteria

  • Corn derived compound Inside boots scalp repair.

  • Lathers well in hard water.

  • Safe to use on coloured hair.

  • Prevents HairFall, Prevents Dandruff, Prevents Frizz, Prevents Ageing, Prevents-Irritation, Anti Oxidants, Prevents curl, Prevents Bacterial Growth, Prevents Fungi, Prevents Virus, Prevents-Inflammation, Multiple Medicinal Effects

  • Strengthens Damaged Hair, Smoothens Hair Surface, Prevents Cuticle Lift Up, Restore Hair Moisture, Revitalises Hair Strength, Repairs Damaged Hair, Hair Thickening, Hair Straightening, Prevents PreMature Greying of Hair, Prevents Baldness, Adds Shine, Excellent Scalp & Hair Repair, Natual Conditionning

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Prerna Mangal

I used the most popular sulphate free shampoo on e-retailer but later found it had pegs and artificial chemicals which damaged my hair more. A friend of mine recommended this shampoo and I loved it.

Arpita Gupta

I realized that sulpahte silicons and parabens are not the only harmful things in a shampoo but there are 20 plus more harmful ingredients in other shampoo such as peg, eda etc. The more you read about them the more you’ll love this product and it’s ingredients.

Bhagyashree panda Iska – Mumbai/pune

It’s a unique product combining goodness of all best possible substances on earth like superfoods, superherbs, multi-protien and all important essential oils. It’s a complete package with best substances.

Smruti Gupta

This product hits all my major checkmarks of being sulphate free, paraben free, cruelty free. Whats more is it that it truly leaves my hair feeling smooth and luscious! Never greasy or hay like & smells absolutely lovely!

Palak Agarwal

Most of the shampoos ive used specially the sulphate free one has very poor lather while here the name itself says creamy lather shampoo. Give it a try.

Ekta Sethi

Most of the sulphate free shampoos leave my hair dry and itchy.. kl because of its intense hydration and moisturing properties left me awestruck

Tanya Singhal

Was recommended by a friend and really liked the shampoo and conditioner ! My hair felt amazing after use !